A new e-business website for a transformed online user experience


Esterline Connection Technologies (SOURIAU – SUNBANK) launches a new website for an improved user experience with a more intuitive navigation, a modern design, a pertinent search engine and high-quality content. And it’s only the beginning!

Extended product information

Marvelous work has been done by the team about the presentation of the SOURIAU and SUNBANK products:

  • A SOURIAU and SUNBANK product portfolio entirely reviewed and restructured to outline the products complementarity based on shapes, standards and technologies.
  • More than 130 products series with all related information accessible including images, rich content, videos and documentation.
  • A brand new e-catalog with 175000 product references, 2000 3D models and 90000 customer drawings.
  • Four product configurators.

A search engine faster and more pertinent

Multiple tools have been developed to simplify and to speed up online searches by the website users:

  • A download center providing the entire literature of SOURIAU and SUNBANK product series, know-how and capabilities.
  • An e-catalog with pertinent filters available for product categories and product series to narrow down the search process as well as a free samples order service.
  • A predictive search engine to accelerate the search and to suggest additional and complementary pages.
  • A comparison tool to select the best product among a wide selection.

A website accessible from all mobile devices

  • One version of the website and homogeneous content available from all mobile devices whether it is a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Access to the entire website tools whatever the mobile device such as the e-catalog, products pages, download center, customer account, product configurators, etc.

Our interconnect solutions and capabilities explained to our website users

  • An entire category dedicated to our technical capabilities, manufacturing processes and internal know-how.
  • Advanced explanations to support our customers and partners in the selection of products for harsh environments.

You have a need? We answer!